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This is the new wiki about plugins by team available in WordPress repository:

the xili-language trilogy to build a multilingual website powered by WordPress

WARNING: Again updated - in May 2017, xili-language release is 2.22.0. Then most recent docs are in the repository (dev version in GitHub repository ) or in the most recent website presenting twenty seventeen-xili child theme of WP bundled theme.

After a forced break of several months, work will resume gradually. Will the collaborative spirit be reborn for collective work?

With the exception of a few articles, for user interface screenshots, here it is the new version >2.5 which is presented. If a more recent version is presented, try to read before posts about the previous versions. Updating docs is a long road ;-)




Informations and other plugins for webmasters or developers


Wordpress plugins repository - xili plugins

Other plugins for webmasters or developers

To insert everywhere (inside or outside main wp loop) one or more posts (page or CPT) results of a personalized query.

To insert everywhere (inside or outside main wp loop) the famous Floom slideshow

The dev.xiligroup Forum (motorized by BBPress)



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