Xili-dictionary: Getting started

Some screens and main features

This post concerns only version 2.0.0.

msg series list, tools and files

As in previous version, all the content of the dictionary is in a dynamic list (controlled by javascript). It is possible to easy sub-select lines by typing a word.(1)

Files and datas from the website and the theme

On the right, a box (2) contains ways to import (export) msg series from the po, mo files of the current theme and the terms from the wp db (taxonomies and options,...)


Editing a msg series and the msgid

Remember in po file readable in text editor, the msg are grouped like below:


Here msgid (reference language) is edited (1). The previous version is yellow colorized. The msgstr series (translations) is in a table (2) - a line by language - Better than in poEdit, you can see here all the languages.

On the right (3), comments (source lines and more) attached to a msgid/msgstr are grouped.


Editing a msg series and the msgstr or translation

Here the french translation is being edited. The previous version is yellow colorized. (1) On the right in the dashboard box "msg series", the translator is able to add comments. (2)


Just after activation

Both list of dictionary are empty. The list based on custom post type Msg


and the dynamic list accessible via the "Tools, Files po mo" sub-menu.


importing current theme po file

After clicking the import po button (1) , the dialog box lets you to choose the target language (2) :


completing with current db terms

After clicking "import terms of taxonomy" (1), you can change the default "category" taxonomy to another of the current installation (2)


After importing, the lasted (1) msg "How to" is not yet translated (2) so we will edit it (3).


translation one category (example)

To add a msgstr (translation of the msgid "How to") in fr_FR, click on the link. Logical links inside XD dictionary are created.


The msg series is completed.


The msgstr can now be edited (2) according the orginal msgid (1). By updating (3), the msg list is saved.


updating mo file

Going back to the list, the series is completed (1) but the msg is not inside the mo (2).


After clicking "Export mo file" (1) , you choose the target language (2) and the mo file is updated


as visible now in the list : Exportedmo.png

new exported po file

After exporting po file (a text file easy readable), we see the msg "how to" is translated and commented (1):


A term "News" is not translated (2), the msgstr is empty.

Temporary end ;-)