Xili-language, xili-dictionary and categories

How to make translations of name and description of the categories ? By hand or with the help of xili-dictionary plugin.

This post concerns xili-language 2.8.7+ and XD 2.3.7+

Translation of name and description of a category

xili-dictionary provides way to help translation of terms of a category. It can be done by hand by editing .po and compiling .mo files... Here plugin offers a smart way online.

Categories Edit list Side

Categories-xd-1.png The screen is completed with tools (if xili-dictionary is active) to transfer/import or select terms in the dictionary. (1, 2)

In this example,

- Countries (3) terms (name, description) are yet in msg list of the dictionary.

- (4) House terms are not XD and not available in .mo file.

- (5) news terms are ready in .mo file (fr_FR) and visible in in msg list of the dictionary.

xili-dictionary Edit list Side

Here below the result after clicking button (2) - Display these... - described in first Categories screen


Here below the result after clicking link (3, 5) - Display in XD. - described in first Categories screen and the column 'Language'. Only terms of one category appear.


xili-dictionary Edit msgid Screen


(1) content of the msgid

(2) origin (theme) of the msgid

(3) This msgid is translated in french (fr_FR)

(4) As commented (above right), this term come from a category of the local website (near left).

xili-dictionary Edit msgstr Screen


(1) msgstr (translation) content

(2) list of translations in other languages (here only french is available).

(3) here without going to toolbox, it is possible to update the .mo file of the current theme.

(4) infos about this term and if he is yet inside .mo file. Because this term is a 'local' term, the file is named local-fr_FR.mo. Advantage: the original fr_FR.mo file delivered with original theme is not changed with a term attached to the website (category).

Webmaster and developer can adapt these settings.