Xili-language: Red (alert) messages

When setting xili-language to define a (bi) multilingual website, the plugin delivers some time Alert or caution messages, here some explanations:

under completion - be patient during summer time

Messages about theme

Theme domain NOT defined

The theme is not "translation ready" or "localizable". Items of theme are currently "hard coded" inside files of theme. Twentyten and TwentyEleven are official themes as good "translation ready" theme.

Here a good code with gettext functions and domain - here = xiliphone :


CAUTION: no load_theme_textdomain() in functions.php

If this basic function is not used, the theme can not switch between language files (xx_XX.mo), and, in multilingual context, xili-language will be not able to "switch live" accordiong language of the current post or the rules of navigation.

Xl-screenshot-1.png Language files in a sub-folder of the theme folder

Messages when setting languages list

Erase (only) multilingual features of concerned posts when this language will be erased !

With this message, and if it is checked, when a language is deleted, all the posts (and links) concerned are 'unlinked' from this language of the taxonomy 'language'. The objects are not deleted only languages.

Messages when settings menus

Be aware that language list is already automatically inserted (see above)

On the first paragraph of this "experts" tab, it is possible to insert automatically language list (and link in menu) but you can also create menu items and 'manually' in submenu 'Menus' of Appearance place where you want. This message recalls that it can be ambiguous to set simultaneous an automatic insertion and a manual insertion. Because made automatically when generating menu and webpage, with automatic insertion, the menu items are not visible in the settings page "Menus".

Automatic insertion is based on xili_language_list template tag (and dynamic content according place in website : single, category, page,...) but in manual insertion, the link is the home with only the language added. Your choice depends from content strategy and navigation rules...