Xili-language: multilingual forums with bbPress add-on

©xili xl-bbPress add-on available in xili-language plugin since 2.8.1 !


the goal and context of this add-on

xili-language is able to language of manage post, page and custom post type. The taxonomy 'language' is applied to each post... Recent bbPress (>=2.0) is based on core of WordPress elements and on custom post types (forum, topic and reply). So, when a french forum and his content is displayed, the items of the theme and the bbPress-theme are displayed in french.


Same mechanism as in xili-language way is used, the right .mo file is activated: fr_FR.mo for french or pt_PT for portuguese.


multilingual website and localisation of forum

To avoid to be inconsistent, a forum and his messages is set to be in one language. If a topic is in french, the parent forum is in french. If a contributor add a message in a french forum, his message or reply is assigned to french language.

As seen in dashboard:


Where is the plugin? what does it do?

The add-on plugin file is inside the xili-language plugin folder. Don't move it!

The add-on plugin contains few functions and filters to change the language of texts of the bbPress template: - in front-end side according language of the displayed forum. - in dashboard side according default admin settings or language chosen by each user.

Pre-requisite and installation

This first version is tested on a basic installation of bbPress 2.1.2 based on default themes (twentyten or twentyeleven and bbp-theme).

version of xili-language

First version including these new features is 2.8.1 dated Sept. 15th, 2012 : minor improvements to be compatible with xl-bbPress add-on.

version of bbPress

bbPress version >= 2.1.2 is required

Installation of the add-on

The add-on must be activated AFTER both bbPress and xili-language. (If not the menu ©xili xl-bbPress add-on in settings is not visible)

Languages file of bbPress must in a subfolder if wp-content/languages named bbpress as recommended by bbPress architecture. Today, only the bbpress-fr_FR.po is available (more than in GlotPress) here (Uncompress the zip archive and move the files to the sub-folder. 845 lines for bbPress 2.1.2 by MS based on François Pons previous translation for 2.0 with 700 lines. More than 300 lines added or updated ;-) ). In GlotPress, you can find other po files in other languages - (don't forget to rename files with naming rules: bbpress-xx_YY.mo or .po).


If option is checked, your bbpress.css must in current theme folder. Before modifying it, create here a copy of bbpress.css file from 'bbp-theme-compat' default theme in plugin folder.


What to do inside xili-language settings?

In Languages front-end settings tab (2nd): check the three custom post types of bbPress (forum, topic and reply).


Where is it possible to see working forums with bbPress 2.1.2 and the add-on

After (easy) conversion from our previous forum in bbPress 1, all datas and forums are now inside dev.xiligroup.com website here in bbPress 2.1.2. A french forum is added now.


The roadmap is now to improve the theme and style...

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