Xili-language settings: Home page and more...

Languages Settings : second tab

the screen snapshot


The chapters below describe the features and settings.

What happens when visitor arrives on home page

Here, you decide what happens when a visitor arrives on the website homepage with his browser commonly set according to his mother language. Xili-language offers multiple ways according your content strategy.

Front page display: case with latest posts

In this example (1), the list of the latest posts will be sub-selected (modify home query checked) to the language of visitor's browser. If website is bilingual (french/english) and the visitor french speaking, only french latest posts will be shown.

Front page display: case with static page

In this case, a static page is displayed on home page. It is necessary that the page changes depending on the visitor's language. If static page is by default an english static page, and if the visitor is french speaking, the plugin must find a french page linked to the static page set in Reading Settings screen (Front page displays part) as below:


In Edit Page screen of the english home page (1): inside the list of linked post, you see a french post (2) set by the webmaster.


Rules to display categories list

It is possible to set what happens when list of posts from a category is displayed without language in URI.

Author's backend side: new post

In the snapshot (below), the Firefox browser is set (via preferences) to try to see french page (if exists) before to display english. (even if the computer system is in english)


Because xili-language settings (browser language of author - 3 - of top screen snapshot), when creating a new post, the language is preset to french. Helpful, when you have a lot of new posts to create.


Multilingual custom posts

Here, in this example (4), the cms website contains custom posts named Book and Letter. Only Book will be multilingual here !

Widget or not widget ?

By default (5), the three widgets provided by xili-language are available in Appearance - Widgets screen. If not needed by the theme or for administration wishes, uncheck...

optional infos metaboxes

On the right sidebar (a), a box displays infos about current theme:

  • name and type of theme
  • available language files

Sometime, if you see 'red' messages, it is to indicate that something wrong occurs and is not meet pre-requisite:

  • incorrect file name
  • theme without localization features and function like load_theme_textdomain in functions.php file.


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