Xili-language settings: the list of languages, line by line

First tab (1) of the xili-language settings pages... (styles are active in next version (2.6) of xili-language)

the screen snapshot

On top: the list of languages set in this example website (2). On bottom (3): the form to create, add or edit a language. Xl-settings-0.png

The list: the columns one by one

the language taxonomy used by xili-language is listed here.

Column ID

It is the unique ID of a language inside the taxonomy (used for technical purpose).

Column Name (iso)

It is the name (as ISO) of the language. It is the sum of language iso and the country iso (see link in form to find the list) example : fr_FR, fr_CA, en_US, en_UK,...

Column Full Name

The full name is the name as used in conversation or text : french, english, german. It is displayed in language list (widget) or menu.

Column Slug (query tag)

the slug is used by wordpress in query to sub-select posts according target language ( ?lang=fr_fr or ?lang=ja )

Column Order

To sort the list of language, fill the input by a number... A language with a number 3, will appear before a language with 4 ;-)

Column Vis. (visibility)

In particular multilingual site, it is necessary to hidden some language (with few posts) in language menu or language list widget.

Column Posts (count)

This column shows the number of post assigned to the language of the line.

Column Action

By clicking edit, it is possible to edit some items of the language. By clicking delete, it is obvious ;-)

Create or edit a language

In multilingual website look, by using flag, we may confuse language and country.


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