Xili-language v2.8.3: what's new ?

Xili-language version 2.8.3 is an intermediate version for recent WP 3.5. The next version will be 2.9 adapted to stabilized annouced WP 3.5.1.

Don't hesitate the support form inside xili-language plugin settings to write us !

What's news ?

In third settings tabs (navigation menu), it is now possible to choose separator before the language menu items appended to existing nav menus.

If not present in theme's languages sub-folder, WP 3.5 tries to find theme's language .mo files in wp-content/languages/themes/ sub-folder. xili-language does it if necessary. BUT we recommend to use the sub-folder in theme's folder...

What's fixed ?

WP 3.5 changes his behavior when empty menu content is attached to a menu location (display nothing). xili-language is now adapted to this new situation and continues to append language menu items.

WP 3.5 opens CPT attachment as showing UI. xili-language continues to use special feature to create caption in each language without duplicating attached file. More option planned in xl 2.9.

Better management of updating options in admin side.

What's possible with xili-language premium services ?

If as professional webmaster, you buy xili-language premium services (containing permalinks features), it will be now possible to create alias of language tag in permalink (en, eng, english, london ;-) - replacing ?lang=en_us -

Contact dev.xiligroup for more infos. [1]