Xili-language v2.8: what's new ?

This version adds

- a wanted feature: set the language of the dashboard side for each author (user)

- and a bigger list of examples to define language list of your multilingual website.

Language of dashboard


How to change dashboard language via admin bar

The menu 'Language' in admin bar appears in some circumstances (1). It displays only languages which are present in WP languages installation.

It is very easy to change the admin language.

How to change dashboard language via user's profile webpage


The user's profile offers another way to change and give info about the settings of the WP install. (the language set in WP_LANG of wp-settings.php).

In this above example, the WP installation is french but an author has chosen to work with a dashboard in english.

How to enlarge language list for the dashboard side ?

Since version 2.8, the current user (author) can choose language of his dashboard. To enlarge list of available languages, you must upload the xx_YY.mo files of other localized WP installs in the folder wp-content/languages/. For example, here a list for a trilingual website (english, french, german : fr_FR.mo, de_DE.mo. See this codex page about WP in your language to find kit containing wanted files.

NOTE : it is here the WP core install language files NOT the language files of themes or plugins !


Version 2.8 of xili-language includes now

- an enlarged list of example available languages avoiding to search the iso code of language to add in multilingual settings list. Names of languages are in english.

- class for admin replacing hardcoded style in html tags.

- a new filter to define the available language list. (xili_available_languages) - see source