Xili-postinpost: examples with shortcode

As in Xili-postinpost: examples with widget, below some examples with shortcode 'xilipostinpost' inside post (or page) content to insert a series of titles of posts:

Titles in blockquote

The titles of posts in categories 3,4,150 and in english will be listed inside the blockquote.

<blockquote>[xilipostinpost query="cat=3,4,150&showposts=3&lang=en_us"]</blockquote>

Here only 2 titles are shown in french:

<blockquote>[xilipostinpost query="cat=3,4,150&lang=fr_fr&showposts=2"]</blockquote>

For security, if param showposts is omitted only one post is listed !

Set when the posts are displayed

The hightly customizable plugin xili-postinpost is able since version 0.9.2 to display the result of the query according time or date. Date/time is formatted as in cron in unix format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm.

Below one attachment appear in the morning and another appear in the afternoon (an alternative text is displayed when the period is expired).

[xilipostinpost query="attachment_id=1875" from="****-**-** 00:00" to="****-**-** 12:00" expired="this is afternoon" beforeall="<blockquote>" afterall="</blockquote>" showcontent=1 showexcerpt=0 ]
[xilipostinpost query="attachment_id=1876" from="****-**-** 12:00"  to="****-**-** 23:59" expired="this is morning" beforeall="<blockquote>" afterall="</blockquote>" showcontent=1 showexcerpt=0 ]

The date kept is the date of the server that is set in General Settings of WP dashboard. Two shortcodes are present in content of the post and the query is here for the afternoon image: query='attachment_id=1876' to demonstrate that xili-postinpost use current WP query loop syntax. Only here the content of the attachment is shown. The result is embedded here by blockquote html tags.