Xili-tidy-tags 1.8 What's new ?

A technical update

Xili-tidy-tags version 1.8 is a technical update: now the admin backend has his own class and file. So better server performances when in current visitor size. (now all the trilogy is updated)

New range of icons and logos.

An updated trilogy

To be full compatible with other plugins of multilingual trilogy, the versions are:

- xili-language : 2.7.1

- xili-dictionary : 2.1.3

Is it possible to create tidy tags for tags of custom post type ?

Yes, as in previous version, the instantiation must done in your code after the tags of this CPT is registered - see source of class to see parameters -

Be aware that now the instantiation must be done for visitor side (main class) and admin side (admin sub-class) via a add_action 'init' by example in the functions.php when new CPT and taxonomy is registered.

The result is visible in this example - on admin side - with a CPT named WP-Parts ( used in this website )

Two "tidy" menus to set groups and assignment for tags of each CPT.

New xtt.png