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What's new in xili-language version 2.5

The new design benefits from the gains of the concept of xili-dictionary 2.0 using latest WordPress features and libraries. A new metabox now contains the list of (now and future linked translated posts). This box can be named "translation dashboard" !

Post edit author U.I.

This box replaces the previous two metaboxes designed at the origin of xili-language. Now in one box, a list gathers together most important infos:

- the language list (1), - the title of the linked posts in other language (2), - the status of the current and other posts (3), - the current post line and his language (4), - the fifth column contains links to edit (or go) to other posts or to search unlinked posts.


replace the previous two metaboxes

from previous version less than 2.5


Other enhancements

- The post list includes an enriched language column. The current language (1) of the post is shown and the link to the other translated posts also (2).


- Custom fields used by xili-language to link posts according language, are no longer visible in UI (no change in background)

- Some backside tools improved to link posts when creating a new translation.


What about upgrading ? Version 2.5 only improves author UI. All backside mechanisms are preserved. (For security, before upgrading, make a backup).

What about flags in UI ? dev.xiligroup is not fans to link language with flag of a country. French speaking people can live in France (fr_FR), Belgium (fr_BE), Luxembourg, Québec (fr_CA), Africa,.... But, if as webmaster, for a specific website, XL 2.5 detects a specific style file in the current theme (xili-css/xl-style.css). It will be possible to replace first column with flags.

Getting started : creating a post and his translation

A first post is written in english, the second in french is the translation of the first. No previous text exists.

first post

Just after clicking "Add New", the screen is like below: - Write the title (1), - because language is undefined (2), choose the language (3) and click Save Draft (4) when the content is ok...


This first post is in english. After writing title and content (1), check language (2) and click button save draft (3). The line of current post becomes yellow highlighted.


creating the draft translation

The second post is in french.

By clicking, the link 'Create', the list is completed (1) .


By clicking 'Edit', it is now time to create the title (to replace the temporary draft) (2).


After writing the title in french (1), click Save Draft button(2) and now the temporary title is replaced (4) and the post_name (slug- for permalink is updated (4).


And now it possible to complete content and taxonomies and publish !

Getting started : linking posts with different language

In these cases, the two posts exist, it is time to link them together:

Note: when working on multilingual website, it is recommended to use multiple tabs of the browser... one for each language.

first way: searching the post

Click the search button (1), a requester window is displayed, search a signifiant term (2), select the good title (3) and click Select (4).


The input (1) is filled and click Save Draft (2)


After clicking (1), the line is updated (2).


second way: using the post ID

If you know the post ID of the target post (visible in list), fill the input (1) and click Save Draft (2)


After clicking (1), the line is updated (2).


finally the both posts are in post list